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Amar is a Sr. Engineering Manager at Zynga and currently serves as head of  engineering in a game studio. Previously, he was the founding team member of the Systems Engineering Group at Zynga responsible for building software and services required to run Zynga games on the cloud. In this role, he focused on building a scalable database called membase, as well as game platform software, cloud management software, and performance improvement in the cloud.

Prior to Zynga, Amar was an Engineering Manager at Google where he led development and migration of Google internal systems to cloud (enterprise in the cloud). He built one of the first production-ready systems using GWT and helped open source it. He also built reporting and recommendation services on Google cloud and Bigtable. Prior to Google, Amar founded a web software company. He built a web scraper that was licensed by several enterprise companies and sold source code rights to a Fortune 500 company.

From 2004 to 2006 he was the Lead Architect at Walgreens and led the redesign of Walgreens merchandising systems. From 1999 to 2004 he was Chief Architect and Engineering Manager at Teradyne Inc.

Amar is a recipient of International Engineering Consortium’s (IEC) InfoVisionAward for building one of the first commercial enterprise products on Linux. He holds several patents in the field of software and internet technologies. Amar holds a MS in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University and a BE in Electronics from Mysore University.


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