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As Zynga CTO Cadir Lee outlined in his welcome post, Zynga is a technology-driven organization. There are many innovative techniques and solutions that we employ to connect the world through games: the cloud, data and analytics and storage to name a few.

Another behind-the-scenes aspect of Zynga that many folks don’t know about is the sheer effort that our security team makes to help protect our players.

Zynga Security is a team of many security specialists and span from application security engineers, e-crime analysts and security architects to incident response engineers and forensic analysts.

Our philosophy for Security @ Zynga is simple – we protect how we work and we protect how we play. We work hard every day to maintain and protect the trust of our customers but also to educate and guide our employees and internal partners around security. We collaborate closely with other security teams in the industry.  We strive to be an industry leader in security best practices but also utilize “out-of-the-box” approaches to solve complex security challenges. We frequently encourage our security vendors, partners and suppliers to challenge traditional ways of thinking to be more innovative.

We want to make it easier for players to understand how to protect themselves online. That’s why we’re proud to unveil our first Zynga security video, focused on tips to avoid phishing attacks. This follows on our latest privacy initiative, PrivacyVille – a game-like tutorial that rewards our players with zPoints in RewardVille for learning more about our privacy practices. This reward component is the first of its kind and helps to demonstrate to users and others the importance of privacy at Zynga.

Our security team is always on the lookout for new talent. Visit our jobs page for more:


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  1. Cadir Lee Says:

    Like the characters in the video. Phishing is all about education and this is a fun way to illustrate the issue.

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